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The Dos and Don'ts of Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

The Ultimate Guide to Sprinkler System Care

Keeping your lawn lush, green, and beautifully hydrated isn't magic—it's all about a well-maintained sprinkler system!

However, even the best systems can encounter issues over time. To help you through these challenges, we have put together this comprehensive guide for all your sprinkler system repair needs.

So, without further ado, let's dive in!

The Dos

Regularly Inspect

The first rule of thumb in any lawn sprinkler repair is regular inspection–like a routine check-up.

Much like how regular doctor's visits can catch potential health issues early, regular inspections can help you spot problems before they escalate. You can do this by keeping an eye out for leakages, broken sprinkler heads, or uneven watering patterns.

For instance, if you notice a puddle forming in one area of your lawn while another part remains dry, that could indicate a leak or a misaligned head.

The sooner you identify such a problem, the quicker you can get to fixing it.


Just as you wouldn't want a blocked faucet, you wouldn't want your sprinkler heads to be clogged either.

Periodically remove grass around your pop-up sprinkler heads, or anything that could obstruct the water spray. This task might involve removing debris or even flushing the system with water to clear any blockages. We recommend for safety reasons, when sprinkler nozzles are completely clogged, to call us or a professional to remove the nozzles and clean them or replace them safely. Please don’t try removing sprinkler nozzles on your own when the system is on and pressurized.


Misaligned heads may water your sidewalk or driveway instead of your lawn, leading to water waste and poor irrigation. Changing the spray pattern or the angle can get the job done. Remember, our goal here is to quench your lawn's thirst, not give your concrete a shower!

Call in The Experts

When in doubt, call the professionals. Here at Advanced Sprinklers, Inc., our lawn sprinkler repair services are just a call away. You can leave the worries to us and we'll diagnose and fix any issue, saving you both time and potential headaches.

The Don'ts

Protecting Your Landscape Investment

Ignore Leaks

Picture this: you spot a small leak–seems insignificant, barely a trickle.

You ignore it, figuring it's too small to cause any real problems. Then fast forward and you're dealing with water waste, inflated utility bills, potentially the leak getting bigger and more expensive to repair later and worse, damage to your lawn or property. We don't want any of that to happen and neither do you.

So, at the very first sign of any leak–nip it in the bud. A stitch in time always saves nine (indeed!).

Removing spray nozzles to unclog them or replace them is part of our General Maintenance Program. Which also includes adjusting all the sprinkler heads as needed.

Attempt Complex Repairs Yourself

While we love the spirit of DIY enthusiasts, it's essential to know your limits.

Some repairs require professional expertise. For instance, fixing a major leak or dealing with electrical wiring isn't something you should tackle on your own.

Attempting these complex adjustments yourself can lead to even further damage and higher repair costs—quite the opposite of your money-saving intentions!

Neglect Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is indeed the key to a long-lasting watering system. Don't just wait for such problems to arise–always give it the attention it deserves!

Maintaining a healthy, efficient sprinkler system for your yard doesn't have to feel like rocket science. With regular checks, timely repairs, and expert help from our team, your lawn will always be looking its best!

Contact Us Today to schedule Affordable, Reliable, Quality Services.

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